ScoutBees Launches to Help International Students Find Their Home Away from Home in Canada

March 24, 2023

Are you ready to fly across the globe and study in Canada? We know how daunting it can be to find a comfortable and safe place to stay in an entirely new country. But don't worry, we've got you covered! ScoutBees is here to make your experience as sweet as honey!

ScoutBees is a buzzing new marketplace that aims to assist international students in finding their dream home in Canada. Founded by Gaze Del Castillo, an international student herself, ScoutBees understands the difficulties of finding a place to stay in Canada as an international student. Gaze's personal struggles led her to create this platform, providing international students with a stress-free experience.

So, how does ScoutBees work? It's simple, really! ScoutBees has a team of independent contractors, known as scouts, who vet potential homes to ensure they are suitable for international students. These scouts are locals who benefit from the platform by creating earning opportunities for themselves. That means you'll have a local guide to help you find your perfect home, even before you land in Canada!

The Victoria tech and international students' community played a huge role in turning Gaze's dream into reality. Gaze expressed her gratitude to the Coast Capital Innovation Centre, VIATEC, and WVenture Accelerator, among others, for their support and mentorship.

Currently, ScoutBees is available in the Greater Victoria Region, with approximately 40 scouts ready to serve. But don't worry, we're not stopping there! ScoutBees plans to expand to Metro Vancouver and the rest of Canada in the coming months.

Are you ready to start your adventure? Visit ScoutBees' website at to find your dream home today! You can also follow ScoutBees' social media accounts for updates on the platform's expansion.

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